Clare Moon - Genitals Do Not Define My Gender

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have a penis. The transgender community is often frowned upon and for many years has been seen as a mental health issue. The big debate of nature versus nurture has been going for many years in relation to all that fit into the LGBT scene. Regardless of what our birth certificate says or what sex organs we have, some people strongly feel their gender is different. We are all human beings who deserve to live life how we feel comfortable and happy.

I wanted to deliver a series of images that may shock some, may provide a debate, but mainly may just change how people perceive a certain stereotyped group of people. This was the transgender community.

This didn't come out of the blue though, a few years prior to this I sold some unwanted clothes online and the lady came to collect them, a lady who had been born male. She told me her life story that day and it made me so angry at society for how she had been treated, just because she wanted to be who she was. This lady had been disowned, beaten, stabbed, had her home set on fire and many more things for over 30 years, all because she had been born in the wrong body.

I knew I needed to understand more and to do that I needed to put myself out there and get to know more about transgender women.

I had a huge response to adds I had posted and was invited into people's homes, out for meals and also invited to LFF. This is the first friday of every month when 100s of transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual people come together for a night out in Leeds.