1. General:

1 - All participants must agree to these terms.

2 - No person involved with Outerfocus will be permitted to enter the awards.

3 - All entries will be digital only. Sent to - info@outerfocuspodcast.com

4 - Participation is available to anyone age 16+, anywhere in the world.

2. Copyright:

1 - All entries must have been made by the person submitting. All element and parts for entries to the composite/digital art category must have been made by, or be owned by, the person submitting.

2 - Your entry may be used for promotional purposes on the Outerfocus website and social media pages. Where possible, all website links and owner name will be added.

3 - Your entry(s) will not be used for anything other than the Outerfocus Awards without prior permission.

4 - Category winning images will be used for that category promotion in the next round of awards, links and credit included. Overall monthly winners will be featured in the Outerfocus yearly calendar. Non winner images will not be held by Outerfocus after the submitted round is judged. Outerfocus is not an archive and we will delete all images after use.

4. Entry & Fees:

1 - All fees must be paid before entering. You will receive a unique order number with single entries, and an account number with subscriptions through Patreon. This information must be submitted with your images(s).

2 - Entries are unlimited.

3 - You may submit to multiple categories.

4 - All images must have been made within 12 months of submitting, and must not have won other awards.

5. File Specifications:

1 - All submitted files must .jpg format & 1920 pixels on the longest edge.

2 - The submitted images will be free of watermarks. Your image will be rejected otherwise.

6. Image Processing:

1 - A fair amount of image processing is allowed but any image that uses image composite techniques, heavy image manipulation or digital painting can only be submitted into the Digital Art category. This isn’t something that needs over stating, just be sensible. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t be removing elements from the image if you are entering the, documentary/photojournalism category.

2 - Any foul play will result in disqualification.

If you are unsure about anything, or have any questions about the submission process and rules, email - info@outerfocuspodcast.com - before you submit.