Outerfocus 47 - Zalmy Berkowitz

So, in between all of my fancy pants exhibition and talk and book signing and tequila drinking shenanigans I managed to get a conversation recorded with, Zalmy Berkowitz.

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I asked about interesting wedding photographers in our facebook group - outerfocus chit chat - and Zalmy’s name came up a couple of times. I had a look at his work and was pleasantly surprised. His work is actually interesting. A lot of wedding photography that I see may be good, technically, but there’s not much behind that. With Zalmy’s photographs you are transported to a time, a place, and get a peak into a different world.

They are very real, and full of personality.

We talk about his work, his family, the world we live in and the future of education with his other project, Freedom School. I hope that you enjoy our conversation.

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Zalmy’s Links:



The Freedom School

Ian’s Links



Ian Weldon - Photography Education

Music - James William Nicholson

Peace out!

See you in two weeks.