Outerfocus 42 - Graeme Oxby

I always like the conversations I have for the podcast to sound like just that, conversations. Sometimes it’s difficult to relax into it because of nerves, from myself and from the guest, but overall I think it’s the most natural way to find out about other photographers. It’s not necessarily about the work itself.

I found my voice by understanding photographers, and relating to photographers, and I hope that this approach will do the same for you.

This week’s episode is probably one of my favourites to date. I like Graeme’s attitude and that reflects in his work. It’s honest, and what more can we ask for in photography.

Welcome to the Outerfocus Podcast!

© Graeme Oxby - The Kings of England

© Graeme Oxby - The Kings of England

I came to Graeme’s work quite recently through mutual friends, and his inclusion in the 2018 book, Invisible Britain.

As a film maker he has made music videos and commercials as well working on TV and film commissions. Graeme wrote, produced and directed “Shotgun Dave Rides East” starring Peter Capaldi, funded by The UK Film Council in 2004, before developing a feature project “Perfect Match” in 2005. 

As a photographer he has produced a large body of commercial work along side many personal projects. Most notably his project on Elvis Impersonators entitled "The Kings Of England"  which was published as a book in September 2018 by Bluecoat Press.

At present he lectures in photography at the University Of Lincoln, and was an External Examiner at University Of West London. His work is held in the collection of the Michael Komechak O.S.B. Art Gallery, Benedictine Univeristy in Chicago IL.

A great conversation. I very much hope that you enjoy it.

Buy Graeme Oxby’s, The Kings of England, direct.

Details in his instagram bio.

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