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Lightroom Beginners


Process your photos, and easily manage your growing library. 

Lightroom has a become a key part of my photography workflow and to be honest, I’m not sure how I got by without it. 

This one day Lightroom course is designed for beginners. I’ll walk you through the core aspects of Lightroom and guide you through the most common features. It’s a powerful program that is quite simple to use, once you understand some basic features. 

What we’ll be covering on the day:

What is Lightroom? Ideas, concepts and benefits.

Workspace overview.

Organise. Import. Organise.

LR Catalogues. 

Image processing. Global adjustment and editing tools. 

Rating, starring, flagging and filters.

Smart folders & virtual copies.

Image export and management.


Workflow presets. 

I used to teach Photoshop and the main thing I realised during that time, was that most people didn’t need to know how to use photoshop at all. They needed to understand Lightroom.

Lightroom is faster, more intuitive and is specifically designed for image processing. Photoshop is a massive graphic design tool that can be confusing and counter intuitive to basic photo editing.

Each has its purpose, but they are very different. 


Saturday 24th November - 2018


We have an excellent space at, The Northern Design Centre - Gateshead



10:30 - 14:30 with a short break.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Your laptop, with Lightroom installed. Any version from LR 4 up to LR Classic CC. 

*Note - We wont be covering the new, cloud based, LR CC. 

See the difference here -

You can subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for about £10 per month. This includes Lightroom and Photoshop -

Make sure your laptop is fully charged. Power sockets may be limited, but remember to bring your charging cable too.  

You’ll need a notepad and pen to take notes. 

You will need a couple of folders of images on your hard drive, or on an external hard drive. Bring a memory card with images on too, as we'll be covering import and save features that you'll use most often.  I’ve found the most effective way to learn is to use your own images and computers. It’s a more familiar setup and we can get you organised, and up and running with your own version of LR from day one. 

You are also welcome to attend without a laptop, and just take notes if that works for you. 

There will be a maximum of 10 spaces per course. 

Lightroom Beginners
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