What’s it all about?

The Outerfocus Photography Awards are open to all. It’s bit of fun to get you thinking about the photographs you are making, and to generate an income to keep the podcast alive.

Our hope is that one day we can give back to photographers in the form of grants, and funding, for documentary and art projects. 

There are many other ideas and plans in the pipeline, which are ultimately about the progression of photography. Running an awards system, generating an income, and growing the Outerfocus portfolio will help us to achieve that. 

We’re not talking big prizes, fame and fortune, or world wide exposure - well, not just yet anyway - but we are talking about supporting the podcast, and supporting the people who are, at the moment, working away to bring Outerfocus to your ears. 

And that’s got to be worth 5 bucks an entry!

Patreon subscription now available.

Each month the winner will get a wonderful, freshly designed, Outerfocus Winners graphic so you can show off to your mates. Your winning photograph will also promote that category for the next round, and you’ll also be included in the World Famous (cough) Outerfocus calendar, and we hope to have some exhibitions, eventually. Which would be lovely!

Monthly categories 2019:

July 19 - Portrait

August 19 - Landscape

September 19 - Animals

October 19 - Food

November 19 - Documentary/Photojournalism

December 19 - Street

Submissions will be open from 1st of the month and will close on 28th. Winner will be announced by 14th of the subsequent month.

Please do not submit photographs to a category from another month. Your images may be rejected without explanation.

As always, if you have any questions or queries please contact us before you submit.





documentary/ photojournalism


composite/ digital art